Wagon Steeze Wagon round up

Great weekend around some beautiful cars and great people and I’m glad I got to capture it. I enjoyed the cruise up to the event and it was a good drive before my long trip I had the following week up to Norcal. It was great meeting the people behind Wagonsteeze since I support their […]

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Cruised to San marcos to cruise and shoot with Nathan who came out of town to kick it. We dropped by Landons house to pick up his truck and he took us to this really cool location out at a Sunflower field. I love this truck and it has came a long way since the […]



While I was in Sacramento for an event I decided to meet up with Joseph who came by to pick me up from the hotel I was staying at. We cruised to Downtown Sacramento for some morning breakfast and cruised the city before we went out to do a photoshoot of his XB. The first […]

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First show hosted by Pann auto down at K1 Speedway. Dropped by on a chill Sunday to check out some nice cars and enjoy the weather. I haven’t attended many shows this year but it was great catching up with some people and seeing the new stuff they have done to their cars. Its crazy […]

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W202’s and friends

I love going to European car shows for example Wuste. An event hosted yearly out in Las Vegas, Neveda. I had plenty of time to cruise around and browse at some beautiful Euro cars. I had a chance to shoot some beautiful builds. W202’s layed out. Davids W202 freshly wrapped on new wheels. I love […]

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Sparkle Garage at Grange

Another drift event hosted by Sparkle Garage and like always it was a great time around good people. This time there were a few more cars that joined event along with Irik who is back in town from the Philippines. It was great to see him again and I’m glad he came back to slide […]

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David Vuu’s BNxSR S13

During my recent Norcal visit a few months ago I got a chance to meet up with David Vuu to shoot his car. I saw his car a few months before my second visit to the Bay area at a shop he worked at and what caught my eye was the JDM front end conversion […]

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Cruising Old Las Vegas

I remembered the night we headed out from Palace station during our weekend in Las Vegas for Wuste 2014. Cool thing was old Las vegas was a few blocks away from the hotel. I’ve always wanted to shoot on the strip but the New vegas strip is always so busy that it would be really […]

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Cruise for the Cause 2014

Cruise for the Cause is one of my favorite local shows which brings out alot of the most beautiful Low rider builds from San Diego and cars from all areas. Cool thing is import cars are allowed to show as well! I didn’t show this year but came out to check out the event and […]

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Extreme Autofest 2014 San Diego

Extreme Autofest SD is an event I do look forward to each year. Clean cars, friends, lowriders, and the live performances. What I enjoyed the most is seeing most of San Diego’s car builds, seeing new builds, old builds getting updated, meeting new people, and putting the face behind the builds. I got there around […]

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Spirit of Japan

This is my 3rd time out at Grange but this time it wasn’t for a Sparkle Garage Drift day. Hosted by Auto Factory Realize & DMAX presents Spirit of Japan west! They had music, mini pool, and sick cars. I got there later in the afternoon but they were still going at it. I didnt […]

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In-N-Out Pre Wuste meet.

Part two of my las vegas trip. After everyone washed their cars we headed out and cruised to the Pre-Wuste meet held at an In-N-Out burger joint. On the way there I had to chance to snap some night rolling shots. Spotted this AE86 on the freeway David hard parked at the meet Paolo’s W202 […]

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San Diego to Las Vegas.

Part 1 of my four day weekend in Las Vegas for Wuste 2014! This year Wuste was still held at Palace station but the show was moved back to the outer parking spot at Palace station instead of the Las Vegas race track like last year. Lots of beautiful builds from all over drove out […]

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