Super fail blog update.

Haven t done my 365 at all! I need to restart it next year… But Here are pics of whats been going down lately. Big blog update.

Last week was Vietnamese New years weekend, So i went to a local fair that they have every year. Food was okay, it was pretty nice spending time with my GF.

On to the day after. Installed a system in my friend Michaels Em2. Pretty much had the car the day and did some launches in reverse. hahah jk.

Later that night, I opened up my package Edna gave me for our 14 months. My 2nd Bojangles shirt! But check it out.

Read it.

She wrapped it in like 5 layers of tissue paper.

Add that shirt to some clothes I ordered recently. Im kinda addicted to online shopping now. Not cool at all…

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