Phil (Jock Me Crew)

Phil from out in Vegas was in SD for vacation last week. Hit him up and found out he was about to head to The Wild Animal park then head back up to Vegas. It was cool that we got to chill before he left SD. Wish we
could’ve gone out and shoot some where. Its cool though I still got him and Jon a Feature on Stance-nation.

Had lunch at Pho Fusion before they headed to the Wild Animal Park. Wish he could’ve met some DB crew members.




Chill dude to hangout with, It was my second time we ever hanged out since I met him out in Vegas.
Hopefully the next time I’m in Vegas I’ll have my whip with me so we could go cruising on the perfect
roads Vegas has. Roads in SD suck!

One thought on “Phil (Jock Me Crew)

  1. i know those wheels he got manny’s wheels now?! and didnt he just have the rays victrix’s? this guy goes through so many wheels in such little time lol

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