Wekfest Los Angeles 2011 part 2.

DSC_0115 copy

DSC_0114 copy

DSC_0122 copy

If you wanna pick up some of the new DUDEBLVD YEP stickers head over to DUDEBLVD.comDSC_0101 copy

DSC_0125 copy

I’m a big fan of this cressida. Been following his blog/build since day 1! Also there was a dude down here in SD that use to own this car. So its been through alot….

DSC_0128 copy
DSC_0127 copy

DSC_0129 copy

DSC_0130 copy

DSC_0132 copy

DSC_0131 copy

DSC_0141 copy

DSC_0142 copy

DSC_0143 copy

DSC_0136 copy

DSC_0138 copy

DSC_0140 copy

Kirk Darrell Aquino and his te72

DSC_0123 copy

DSC_0152 copy

DSC_0153 copy

DSC_0155 copy

Jay’s vitz

DSC_0156 copy

DSC_0165 copy

DSC_0166 copy

DSC_0144 copy

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