Wekfest Los Angeles 2011 part 3.

DSC_0149 copy

DSC_0161 copy

DSC_0162 copy

DSC_0168 copy

DSC_0174 copy

DSC_0178 copy

DSC_0201 copy

DSC_0207 copy

DSC_0208 copy

DSC_0213 copy

DSC_0139 copy

DSC_0145 copy

DSC_0159 copy

DSC_0164 copy

DSC_0167 copy

DSC_0209 copy

DSC_0151 copy

DSC_0124 copy

Erico Meollo rockin his dudeblvd.com sticker.

DSC_0135 copy

DSC_0134 copy

Joey FCKYOURCREW Nguyen. Dude is doin it all by himself, I got alot of respect for this dude. Brotha from
another vietnamese mother. Here are some Perv shots he took with my camera.

DSC_0148 copy

Rep it.

DSC_0171 copy

DSC_0154 copy

Autofashion Freddy chattin with BP.

DSC_0179 copy


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