Got a free SE Draft frame from Cuong. He just picked up an old school frame, I’ll get some shots of it soon!
We’ll when I got the bike, I just got the frame, fork, handle bars, also its has a threadless headset.Photobucket

I Bought a chain and found a great deal on Craigslist that had everything I needed to get the bike together.
It was a STEAL!

Handle Bars, Seat, Seat Post, Crank Set, and Wheel set (With tires and tubes)
The wheelset is a single speed free wheel so It was okay but I didnt really like coasting. Im used to riding fixed.Photobucket

Put the bike together on my day off, and it came out better than I thought!



I got some new parts I’ll post up soon!

Here are some pics of my old conversion I put together last year.
Shout out to for the dope pics!


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