Socal Euro & Knockaround x Product Etc Bring Back The Brown

Woke up early and worked on the wagon. Tried to find out what the front right wheel was rubbing and I was trying to find out why there was like a Burning smell coming from the wagon.
We’ll I jacked up the car and tucked my ABS wire that I ghetto fixed awhile back cause it broke while I got my Wheel bearings pressed. Also the smell was comming from a bag that was burning up from my downpipe. The plastic bag caught on the header and inside the plastic bag was a paper bag…. How great!

(point and shoot)

Not no hardcore stretch.


How awesome is that?! Man it smelled so freaking bad.




Bolts grinding down…


good thing my Cat doesnt hang low!

Then after I worked on the wagon, I headed to the car wash and gave it a quick wash then smashed over to La jolla for Breakfast! Met up with Nitt,Dook, and Cyrus for some breakfast at a place called The Cottage. Pretty bomb! After breakfast we headed to Socal Euro!

Click here for my blog post on DUDEBLVD.

Went home after the event and started to edit a little and crashed, It was hot and I was tired……
After that nice nap, headed to downtown for the 5&A dime event!

Then got some food across the street! Place is so bomb!

My plate.

Nitt’s healthy plate hahaha. (took the pic too quick)

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