Sparkle Garage x Bojangles

I’ve been a fan of sparkle garage since day 1. Everyone part of it knows how to build clean cars. Its not a crew, its family from what I see. They’re creative and know how to be Original and do it the Real Japanese Boso style. These are whips that you wouldn’t see everyday, unique with so much character.

Well I was invited to Lloyds birthday shoot, of course I did the shooting. Drove up to West Covina and met up at Iriks house. Pulled up and see a bunch of dope ass cars! Mostly Toyotas! Ever since owning my Wagon I’ve been in love with toyotas.


Every day Struggles for Irik.

One of the coolest cressida’s ever.

Then we headed to Jack in the Box for a quick meal before we hit the Canyons!

Getting ready to headout.

Lloyds car ran into some small problems, but it fixed itself later on!

Then we headed up the Canyon and chilled, did some rolling shots, shoot, and cruise! Those pics will be up soon. Stay posted!

2 thoughts on “Sparkle Garage x Bojangles

  1. That black Toyota Crown is one of the most badass cars I’ve ever seen. The silver sedan is fly too. I’d love to see more pics of them.

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