One word: Japan

Spent a beautiful friday with my girlfriend. We went to Marukai and shopped around, love the store and everything is cheap! Cheap japanese stuff for the home, Cheap food and expensive furniture hahaha.
Ever since working at bookoff I’ve been around alot of japanese people, food, and the lifestlye kinda, sometimes I even feel japanese even though I wished I spoke it.

I really want this futon, Like to just hangout and watch tv, chill with the laptop and etc. Something I can just chill on after a long day at work. We’ll just keep it folded up hahah

Micro thin, made in japan. hmmmmmmm

After shopping with Edna, we were starving! Then I remembered about happy hour at SHUSHI ROLL DEPOT. $2.00 California roll, $3.00 spicy tuna roll, spicy dynamite roll, tuna roll and etc. It was okay, I love the Spicy Dynamite roll. Also happy hour on beer but I dont drink, well im not old enough hahah

Thumbs are too big for a Blackberry….

Next day I got a package from JAPAN! It was from Kazuhiro Takehira in Japan, he sent me a care package! Didnt know he was giving me some GRINDERS stickers, I was all giddy.

Next post will be about, well coverage. Then I’ll have coverage from Cruise for Cause!

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