Raleigh Technium 400

My close friend Cuong picked up this frame on craigslist for $20 bucks, Restored it, and got it together and got it back on the road. Its a beautiful bike. Well a few days after I shot this pic he traded the bike. Wish he kept it cause it’s really clean and the paint is amazing… Wouldve been a nice road bike too, but he got the bike it was just a bare frame so he put it together and made it a single speed conversion. On to the pics!.

Also I found a Japanese fixed gear magazine at work awhile back. It covers many different shops out in Japan, builders, and bikes. Its all in japanese but there are some entries in english. The magazine is from 2006 but we dont get any here at mitsuwa or at bookoff. Everything is used so we’re always getting older magazines, but they’re still good! So I scanned the pages so I can post them up to share. I don’t know if it’ll interest you guys, but im just trying to show other things im interested in except cars.


I didnt feel like scanning the shop features, I’ll save that for another day. Here are pics from an ART SHOW, and a Film festival. ( Also my first attempt at putting up scans, so the size is a little off)






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