Random Blackout in San diego last night, happened aroundn 4:00pm while I was at work. My boss let us off early but I couldnt get anywhere due to traffic and dumb drivers. Well I headed to the park and chilled then later that Night took advantage of the light that was comming from the Moon since the bright city lights are always too bright and gets in the way. Came out pretty well, no strobes no nothing just straight up light that was from the Moon. Sounds funny but It was real bright.

Believe it or not but this is in the Dark, no light period. It made it really hard to autofocus but a flashlight was really helpful. Also the cops dropped by and thought we were doing something fishy but I told her im just taking pictures. She also offered us if we needed her spotlight on the cop car to help focus and light up the car. Nehh didnt need that Officer.

This is an example what It looked like during the blackout. The orange light in the back was from the hospital which had a backup power supply I guess?

I hope everyone was safe! Also I’m heading to JCCS tomorrow, and doing a few shoots! That stuff will be up soon. Hopefully… I have alot of stuff I need to work on. School and Work is kicking my butt.

2 thoughts on “San Diego BLACKOUT.

  1. Awesome Pics David! I suppose you took them right after I left–a shame for me–I wanted to see your technique! Did you increase the exposure in lightroom to make the pic a bright from moonlight? Anways, however you did it–very cool.

    That blackout was intense, the whole city was pitch black for the first time in a few decades. My street Adams ave was filled with crazy people and musicians playing music and talking at a local restaurant under candlelight. Good times.

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