Martino’s Camry wagon.

Came over to Martinos house on Saturday to help him with his wagon. Axles were gone, and Wheel bearings. Came over to help him pop out the axles and hub to get the bearings pressed out and new ones pressed in. Failed mission because I didnt have the right tools, wish we had air tools wouldve made life easier…. So I hit up Jeff AKA Fatkid Photography to see if his shop was open. Well we drove over to the shop real slow cause the camry’s wheel bearings were shot…

Heading to the shop on Balboa. Check out his supra, same color as the wagon!

Spotted this car at the corner by Martino’s house. He’s rocking my old rims!

my old rims!

Stopped on kearny villa to double check if everything is okay..

Beautiful San Diego sunset while cruising down kearny villa road.

Dropped off the Camry at the shop and went to PHO FUSION for dinner. Ran into Nitty

Now that the car is running smooth, we have to do a camry and corolla wagon shoot. Plus Video soon of the camry pulling out of the driveway..

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