Wednesday- Smog Day pt1

I’ve been off for about a week and got around to getting the wagon smogged. Well I got some lunch with Nitty and he told me to smog it at RCR Smog which his friend Archie owns. Well Wednesday came around and I headed down to Spring valley to smog the car. What I know is that Archie got some crazy cars!

Warming up the Wagon.

Arrived at RCR Smog and spotted this EF with a JDM front end. Well the car happens to be owned by Archie.

When I parked the wagon I saw a yellow starlet on some polished lipped Starsharks. Well I talked to Archie about it and he told me he owns the car and is in the works on finishing up the 4agze swap.

Then the wagon was ready for its test.

Well the Wagon almost passed smog so what Archie told me to do is get a Universal Catylic from Oreily’s and get the right flanges then get them welded together to throw on the car to pass. Thats going to be in Part 2. Diego dropped by to chill in his freshly sprayed s2000 ap1, we then got some grub at some local mexican joint.

This awesome truck we spotted.

Part 2 will be up tomorrow, it’ll be about how the smog went and etc. Stay Tuned!

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