The tear down.

About two saturdays ago I dropped by Chris Alzona’s house after work to capture his tear down and AIR install. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, here’s his car that I got featured on CANIBEAT.

I’m going to keep it short since I’m in class editing and blogging. On my personal stuff, I have a graphics design class which is pretty good to learn new stuff, but I’m also using that class time to edit pics and blogging which is great because I have school Monday and wednesday from 7AM-4PM. Work the rest of the week until the weekend which I’m kinda free. I’m also trying to squeeze in a photoshoot every weekend so the camera can be put to use also so I can keep viewers updated and etc.

^ When I arrived Chris had the car up on jackstands and bags installed. Interior was all out even the dash was off.

Style over comfort & JDM EGO. Gotta rep

Some CANIBEAT love.

“Well this shit ain’t gonna install itself…..”

The other Chris’s XB. I guess people only named Chris or OMAR/OMMAR/OMMMAR/OMMMMAR are XB owners.

Then chris,chris, and omar were doing some tail light trading. I really dont know how many different type of tail lights this car has..

AND this is where im going to end this……..

Sorry about the Grainy photo’s, I was shooting hand held with low light.

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