So much to blog but no time at all…… I missed out on the 5&A dime event on sunday, due to going to this meeting in mission valley which took awhile. PLUS waiting on JASON! Anyways I’ll blog about that maybe tomorrow, I still have to post up the oceanside pictures from weeks ago. I recently put up a feature on Mikes Cresta on DUDEBLVD, blogged about Michael’s car, and editing pictures from the sweetheart meet which is what Im posting NOW in class. I love this graphics design class because I can use some of the time to edit pictures and blog plus getting my class work done in time. Well anyways I went to the sweetheart meet on Saturday to support some homies, get some coverage, and checking out the event.

Met up with DE, Cuong, and got a call from darryl to see if I wanted to kick it. I told him about the event and asked if he wanted to go to get some pics for his blog. http://mydailylady.blogspot.com/

De’s RSX, I need to shoot this car sometime and have a write up on it. This car has some serious history in the Scene

After waiting on Brandon to get to our meet spot, we headed out to the event location.

Bojangles Approved.


Some brand or something called Top shelf came out and sold some vinyls and shirts. I saw some JDMEGO stuff too sooooo yea.

AND thats a wrap from that event, next up I’m going to have pics from Oceanside up. Slacking.

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