Vegas 2011 pt.3

Sorry it took me awhile to post up pt.3, I had to post up pics from the three 5&ADIME events these past two weeks. Hopefully I can get this done with this week since I’m on spring break.

Left our hotel room after we unpacked and walked around the hotel and the shopping center next door. This is on the last floor of the hotel.

DSC_0754 copy

DSC_0752 copy

DSC_0753 copy

Went to the Crystal next door.

DSC_0757 copy

DSC_0758 copy

DSC_0762 copy

DSC_0765 copy

DSC_0766 copy

DSC_0767 copy

Upstairs at the crystal.

DSC_0783 copy

DSC_0787 copy

Then we left the crystal to check out other places. I forgot where the next place is at but it was really nice and I would love to go back…

DSC_0780 copy

DSC_0815 copy

DSC_0813 copy

DSC_0810 copy

DSC_0804 copy

DSC_0791 copy

The beautiful pool upstairs!

DSC_0801 copy

DSC_0797 copy

After we checked out the pool it was time to get dinner! Went back to the hotel to the buffet they had downstairs!

DSC_0836 copy

DSC_0819 copy

DSC_0823 copy

DSC_0828 copy

DSC_0830 copy

DSC_0829 copy

Went back to the hotel room to rest up and relax.

DSC_0843 copy

DSC_0841 copy

After resting a little, I packed my camera bag and met up with Kevin out in Vegas. Here’s a teaser of what went down…..

DSC_0870 copy

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