Vegas 2011 pt. 3.5

Here’s a post on what happened later that night. Kevin from Jockmecrew picked me up from the hotel and we chilled in vegas. He took me and John to his place where I shot his miata. The car wasnt running at the moment due to his smashed oil pan, we pushed the car around the garage to get it at the right angle to shoot the car. It was kinda hard because of the oil on the floor which made us slip around a little. On to the pics, the car looks amazing now and painted but it looked so raw in this form!

DSC_0870 copy

DSC_0858 copy

DSC_0849 copy

DSC_0855 copy

DSC_0863 copy

You can see a little glimpse of Johns car which I’ll post up later.

DSC_0878 copy

DSC_0880 copy

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