lunch with Socal Supra’s

Edd hit me up in the morning on saturday morning to get lunch with the socal supra guys and some friends. Got there and saw a bunch of clean cars and good friends. We ate at Busters which was pretty good even though I just got rolled tacos haha. After that we went out to hangout, talk about cars, and joke around like always. There were supras from all years and models and other different unique cars.


New Project Dante picked up, cant wait to see what he’s going to do to this.



Alans beautiful supra.



Dante’s other supra, I don’t how he got both cars home since he left his mk4 there and came back with his MKII…..



Josh picked up a really clean supra… Love how its just kept clean and stock.



This is my new “Project” that I picked up a few weeks ago. I’m getting use to the car and im starting to like it more. Well unfortunately later that day it randomly shut off from some unknown reason and the next day the water pump belt snapped on the way home from temecula. But the car is home safe next to the wagon waiting for me to fix it.


Spotted this 510 again! Owned by him and his brother and it has a really clean sr20 in it.




Roberts E30 is lower than ever. Well I got to ride in it for the first time and hopefully not the last time since his motor blew after we had lunch. Stay tuned though, it may get some Bojangles action during the build….



I didn’t get a chance to snap some pics of Amar’s supra but then again we just did a shoot that we need to finish up. I grabbed a shot of his Engine bay and his awards he got recently at Toyotafest and Wekfest! Congrats!



I love how this Altima sits and its has a turbo’d KA!


I wanted to save this for last. Martino’s mk3 supra is looking cool! I love the flares and the new wheels, the height is also perfect! He gave us an idea of what color he wanted to paint it so hopefully itll get painted soon! Alan did the flares for him and I love it!!!





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