95&ADIME Release Party


Dropped by 5D last night to pick up the new tanktop that just released that night. Also picked up a sticker pack and pins. Darryl let me try out his Nikon D700 and that camera is amazing in low light. I didnt stay long since we went to grab some dinner.

DSC_4357 copy

The new tank top.

DSC_4376 copy

DSC_4363 copy

Love the display.

DSC_4374 copy

DSC_4360 copy

I really wanted this shirt but it was sold out by the time I got there.

DSC_4365 copy

Ran into De!

DSC_4373 copy

DSC_4372 copy

The new sticker packs. I think this is a great idea so the customers can get all the dope stickers in one baggie.

DSC_4361 copy

DSC_4371 copy

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