San Diego County Fair.

SD fair is back! I went to the fair earlier this week and met up with Autofashion and Dudeblvd. It was a good night and I had fun, Nitty also made a video that I’m going to post up. Went back to the fair on thursday with some friends and I decided to bring my camera this time.

Here’s a video from the first night there.

AFTV: Deep Fried Tuesday from Hanuit!!! on Vimeo.

Here are photos from the second night there. On the double decker bus heading to the fair.

DSC_0753 copy

DSC_0762 copy

DSC_0757 copy

The chili cheese fries are amazing from here!

DSC_0759 copy

DSC_0766 copy

DSC_0765 copy

DSC_0755 copy

DSC_0761 copy


DSC_0770 copy

DSC_0774 copy

DSC_0773 copy

DSC_0776 copy

DSC_0777 copy

DSC_0778 copy

Fried Oreo.

DSC_0831 copy

Fried Klondike.

DSC_0832 copy

Bungee jump.

DSC_0781 copy

DSC_0828 copy

DSC_0825 copy

I guess if he finished the whole funnel cake it was free? hahah

DSC_0823 copy

DSC_0799 copy

DSC_0805 copy

DSC_0795 copy

DSC_0793 copy

DSC_0794 copy

DSC_0809 copy

DSC_0808 copy

DSC_0787 copy

DSC_0767 copy

DSC_0801 copy

DSC_0822 copy

Time to go, headed to the bus and to the horse track.

DSC_0833 copy

DSC_0835 copy


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