3rd Time.

This is my third and last time im going to the fair. One time is enough!!! Well I met up with some friends to go to the fair again with a different group. Tried out some food that I didnt get a chance the previous times.

DSC_0738 copy

DSC_0741 copy


DSC_0752 copy

DSC_0775 copy

DSC_0788 copy

DSC_0790 copy

DSC_0755 copy

DSC_0787 copy

DSC_0765 copy

DSC_0767 copy

DSC_0749 copy

DSC_0814 copy

DSC_0762 copy

DSC_0750 copy

DSC_0751 copy

DSC_0769 copy

DSC_0778 copy

DSC_0812 copy

DSC_0782 copy

DSC_0784 copy


The Animals! I really wanted to watch the mini pig race again like they had year.

DSC_0802 copy

This guy is sleeping.

DSC_0803 copy

DSC_0808 copy

DSC_0795 copy

DSC_0807 copy

DSC_0798 copy

AND thats all until next year!

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