Sweet Tea Lounge OC

After JCCS (which I’m going to blog soon since I’ve been slacking on posts) I headed to the OC/ Westminter area to go shop real quick before heading back to SD. I tend to drop by OC on the way home to visit my friends and shop around. This time Joey hit me up and asked me if I was still in the area, his girlfriend just opened up a boba shop over in the heart of little saigon and its a dope spot to chill at! I came on the right day because it was the grand opening so there were discounts too! Perfect spot to lounge with your friends and grab some drinks and pastries! Shoot if I lived in OC that would be the spot to hangout hahaha anyways on to the photos! Make sure you get a chance to drop by when youre in the area.



The Menu, I think they have added more items





Just lounging with Joey and his friend which I forgot his name hahah. Also there are the new Bojangles stickers I put out.





Check them out when youre in the area! Its a dope spot to drop by before a long drive home 🙂


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