Michael’s EM2

About time I went out for a nice little shoot! I met up with Michael, Dominic, and David one late afternoon before sunset to shoot their cars since its been awhile since we’ve met up and snapped some photos. All of our cars has been through alot and good thing is we all still own the same cars except I picked up my LS400 but I still do own the corolla. Anyways Im going to post up a full feature here on my blog on Mikes EM2 that he’s been building for a few years now. Its his first car and he has learned alot from it, the car has also been through alot and is getting cleaner and cleaner over time. I would say he’s running the em2 game down here in SD! Static and daily driven.










One thought on “Michael’s EM2

  1. Loosks great !!! I loved it !! I got a em2 black and i been putting it all black and clean !! have a good time wiht it !! Disfrutalo( enjoyed )

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