Boiling Crab

Team Praxis Mike aka Buff Mike setup a little dinner gathering about two months ago hahah I’m still trying to catch up blogging! Well Mike setup a day where we can all meet up and grub and it was a success, it was great seeing some friends I rarely get to see and eating some good crawfish and shrimp! Hopefully we can setup another one.

Met up at Tea Station in Clairemont where most of the meets are held at. You can see Roberts E30 posted, Whats sad is that he just got into a big accident in the car but I’m glad he’s okay even though I know for a fact that he’s really hurt that the car is totaled. I know how that feels but I know forsure that the next one is going to be even better. Keep your head up buddy!


Oscar(pancakes) chatting it up with me.








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