Johnny Cupcakes x 5&ADIME

A few months back Darryl and I went down to downtown San Diego to the Johnny Cupcakes event held at 5&ADIME. Actually thinking about it, it was a Johnny Cupcakes tour and it was Halloween themed so about 3 months back from today in October. The event was awesome and I loved the setup!

Parked at the Horton Plaza in downtown. Not lowered car friendly…

DSC_0607 copy

DSC_0610 copy

DSC_0611 copy

DSC_0613 copy

DSC_0614 copy

DSC_0615 copy


DSC_0617 copy

DSC_0622 copy

Tom got the best parking spot right in front of 5D and behind the Johnny Cupcakes truck!

DSC_0623 copy


The lemonade was so good!!

DSC_0625 copy

On the way back to the parking structure we decided to drop by the NEW Us Vs. Them shop. I still havent had a chance to go inside to check it out, every time I’m in downtown its closed even during the day time haha

DSC_0626 copy

DSC_0628 copy

DSC_0630 copy

DSC_0631 copy

DSC_0632 copy

DSC_0633 copy

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