End of Winter Break .

Chilled with some friends for a little get together before the semester starts. Missing a few people but it was chill hopefully we can meet up more often to hangout. It was also the last time I took the LS400 out to a car meet before the part out.


DSC_0433 copy

DSC_0436 copy

DSC_0459 copy

DSC_0458 copy



Tommy’s Four Door getting ready for prep and paint soon.

DSC_0466 copy


DSC_0463 copy


DSC_0446 copy

DSC_0447 copy

DSC_0483 copy

Carlos’s Mustang

DSC_0479-2 copy

John’s four door

DSC_0444 copy

DSC_0484 copy

Dope roll call on his whip! Thanks for supporting!

DSC_0468 copy

DSC_0476 copy

Edwin’s Prelude

DSC_0414 copy

DSC_0416 copy


DSC_0471 copy

The back of my LS…

DSC_0477 copy


DSC_0441 copy

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