CST Precedeo Demon Camber

Crazy name that these wheels have isn’t it? I’ve owned a few sets of wheels and these by far are the ones that I’m going to hold onto for awhile. I don’t have much space to collect wheels but it would be nice to have a few sets of wheels laying around ready to get mounted and cruise on.

 photo DSC_0289copy-1.jpg

How I got them? 2012 I wanted to have a make over for the corolla that year, well every year I try to do a make over and change things up a little. This year I bought my JDM front end, JDM headlights, Bug deflector, and the Demon Camber’s. I was rim shopping at the time to see what was out there and upgrade from my XXR 002’s which were pretty clean but I wanted a different look and an Authentic set of wheels.

 photo DSC_0287-1.jpg

I was looking at a set of SSR MKII’s 15×6.5 4×114 bolt pattern and my wagon is 4×100. I was going to get adapters, but luckly by the time I went to see if the wheels were still there so I can purchase them they were sold! Same rim, but in black and not as wide……

For a good few months a set of Demon Cambers have been up forsale but I guess no one didnt jump on them. After searching around the web and seeing very few pictures of the rim on other cars and trying to picture them on my car. I was really unsure about the rims until my friend Freddy from SDSF posted up a few pics of a 7th Gen corolla with a set and lowered! I was sold, sent the email and gave them an offer of a DSLR I owned and cash on my end. (Photos by Nori Yaro & I didnt crop them)




So the deal went through and the next thing I had to do is get new tires for them since I got a 195/50/15 and bought 165/45/15 so I can get a slight stretch on a 7.5″ Barrel.

 photo 7352946760_c0c2a3d81e_b.jpg

 photo 7326488868_0c4ed75a57_b.jpg

 photo 524329_10150877343564840_633089839_9483729_1152054115_n.jpg

 photo IMG_3792copy.jpg

After having them on my car for a few months they finally grew onto me and I havent seen any other sets locally here in San Diego. The only other set I’ve seen in person was at toyotafest 2012 on a blue AE86 hatch. Here’s a collection of some clean cars sitting on a set of Demon cambers.

I recently found one photo of this MR2 sitting on an aggressive set. If anyone has more information or pics of this please post it in the comments!

 photo mr2.jpg

This miata sits perfect on a set of Demon Cambers, there are a few photos of it online and I love the color combo and it seems like he switches up the colors.

 photo 0ceea5f8f9.jpg

 photo tumblr_m2hsmhOpE41rpqn0wo2_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_m9lhixO0JP1rpqn0wo1_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_m9n4v7W86N1rohi97o1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_m2hsmhOpE41rpqn0wo1_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mfgx5ckiO41rprwzqo1_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_m7oglcYGk01rpqn0wo1_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mfqks7r8v21rdgwvro3_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mfqks7r8v21rdgwvro1_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mfqks7r8v21rdgwvro2_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mfqks7r8v21rdgwvro6_r1_1280.jpg

Here’s another Miata that I found sitting on a clean set. From what I’ve found is this car is in Socal also.

Here’s one more!!

Sources: Noriyaro

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