San Francisco Trip pt 2.5 “Dan the Corolla Guru”

What was my reason for going to San Francisco? Well I had a car part waiting for me in SF since last august. A getaway from San Diego for the weekend was a great idea too! I’ve always been wanting to go to SF. So it was perfect to pick up the bumper and spend some time in SF, Michael took good care of me and I seriously can’t thank him enough. So the day has come, it was saturday when we woke up got breakfast and contacted Dan who is another Corolla Guru who has been building his car for 10 years now. He has a beautiful ae101 Sedan full of all JDM goodies all around. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for all the info on corollas, its great to finally meet someone who knows about this platform that is rarely touched and build in this style.

Here’s the post on when I went to pick up my front bumper from Brandon.

When we arrived, we were greeted by his corolla. It was sitting there and I was just naming all the parts he had on it, it was a crazy sight to see well for me it is haha




FX bumper, which is hard to come by….


JDM rear bumper, rear lip, and Euro wing.


Wagon sideskirts


The interior was awesome! Had JDM everything! Seats, door cards, rear seats, cluster, arm rest and etc! hahaha


Cusco bolt on cage was a nice touch, really digging this


I love the seats, I actually contacted Brandon the other Corolla guru about his seats and I did get a chance to pick them up! But theyre the Pre facelift ae101 GT seats that I got.


The infinity bass link subwoofer was a sub I wanted to get but never had a chance to see since I didnt know anyone who had one, but its a nice slim pre amplified subwoofer that saves you alot of space! Nice touch Dan.


JDM Carrozerias shelve Deck speakers so awesome…


my JDM rear wagon bumper! finally united hahaha



Sitting in the cock pit.



I like the gauge pods, I was planning on doing that to my wagon awhile back with an Oil pressure and water temp


Dan brought out a Corolla wagon Tuning magazine for me to check out. I love this magazine, wonder where I can get a copy.


The magazine showed how the early 90’s style corolla tuning was during the time. It showed some interesting builds and crazy rare parts that I’ve never knew has existed for this platform!


I took these photos with my camera so it may be hard to see.
This corolla wagon has some rare smoked headlight covers and a nice lip kit.


Looks like those are SSR formula meshes with a USDM front.


I’ve always wanted to see what a FX bumper would look like on a corolla wagon, well here it is! I like the wheels too, they remind me of Borbet type A’s.


Another one.


I really like this kit! I don’t know what kind it is, I need to ask my co-workers to translate for me haha. If you look closely it has Mooneyes interior dress up parts!!! I love that, if you guys know me I love Mooneyes!



Corner light covers.


Hahaha this is funny how they try to pronounce Strut Tower Bar.


Performance look on the corolla wagon, with a TRD filter, and Tom’s New Action wheels! I still have my pair I bought 3 years ago.


Nice exhaust.


I’ve always been curious about fender mirrors on the wagon but I’m not really feeling these type


I love the two tone and the action shot!



I like the FX bumper, the rear lip that looks like a valence too, dog net, and sideskirts. Clean car.
The rear fog lights are a nice touch.



Performance corolla wagon witha silver top.



Cool wagon accessories


FX bumper


Rare smoked headlight covers that I want.



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