Sparkle Garage Drift day!

What did I do for Memorial day? Well I went drifting with Sparkle Garage! The track was in the middle of the desert. The guys stayed over night at the track and started drifting early in the morning until 5pm. We had the whole track to ourselves to drift on, and I was able to get onto the track to snap some shots for them!


DSC_0807 copy

DSC_0809 copy

DSC_0802 copy

DSC_0803 copyDSC_0019 copy

DSC_0716 copy

DSC_0563 copy

DSC_0560 copy


DSC_0342 copy

Irik and Mark

DSC_0413 copy


DSC_0060 copy

DSC_0061 copy

DSC_0065 copy

DSC_0171 copy

DSC_0172 copy

DSC_0624 copy

DSC_0626 copy



DSC_0511 copy

DSC_0688 copy

DSC_0465 copy

DSC_0467 copy

DSC_0383 copy

DSC_0305 copy

DSC_0288 copy

DSC_0273 copy


DSC_0695 copy

DSC_0377 copy

DSC_0083 copy

DSC_0074 copy


DSC_0724 copy

DSC_0724 copy

DSC_0429 copy





DSC_0113 copy

DSC_0142 copy

DSC_0150 copy

DSC_0331 copy

DSC_0347 copy

DSC_0371 copy

DSC_0404 copy

DSC_0446 copy

DSC_0479 copy

DSC_0513 copy

DSC_0514 copy

DSC_0549 copy

DSC_0568 copy

DSC_0573 copy

DSC_0574 copy

DSC_0680 copy

It was defiantly a nice day and was really fun to ride along with some of the guys. Im excited for the next one!

DSC_0789 copy

DSC_0733 copy

Here’s a video I put together with all the Gopro footage my friend shade had.

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