Cruising Carmel Mtn.

We had a nice cruise around Carmel Mtn. after the HRE event. The sun went down minutes after we got the a location but it was enough light to snap some photos before we headed out.

DSC_0482 copy

DSC_0483 copy

DSC_0485 copy

DSC_0496 copy

Ian’s corolla

DSC_0459 copy

DSC_0475 copy

Davids W202

DSC_0466 copy

DSC_0471 copy

DSC_0465 copy

My wagon.

DSC_0461 copy

DSC_0457 copy

DSC_0477 copy

Jasons Corolla Wagon

DSC_0468 copy


DSC_0470 copy


Dominics W203 wagon

DSC_0479 copy


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