White on White on White

While everyone was gathering to the center stage of the Wuste 2013 show, David, Paolo, Jesse, and I did a photoshoot before the sun went down. It got dark quick so we then headed checked out an empty garage where they work on Nascars during races.

DSC_0278 copy

Davids W202

DSC_0263 copy

Paolo’s W202

DSC_0288 copy

DSC_0281 copy

DSC_0253 copy

DSC_0298 copy

DSC_0308 copy

Heading into the Garage, Jesse picked up his A4 and joined the shoot.

DSC_0337 copy

DSC_0331 copy

DSC_0327-2 copy

DSC_0329 copy

DSC_0341 copy

DSC_0355 copy

DSC_0362 copy

DSC_0372 copy

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