7th Gen Civic Meet

There was a local EM2 meet here in San Diego that Mike invited us to cruise out to and hangout. We got off work, cleaned out cars, and cruised down to the bay with some other friends. It was nice to see a group of 7th gen civics together since you rarely see many of them modified.

DSC_0262 copy

This civic had a 5 lug conversion on RSX wheels.

DSC_0260 copy

Love it in red.

DSC_0258 copy

DSC_0257 copy

DSC_0256 copy

This ES1 has a K series swap in it, must be fun to drive!

DSC_0252 copy

DSC_0255 copy

DSC_0248 copy

DSC_0245 copy

DSC_0243 copy

DSC_0242 copy

DSC_0241 copy

DSC_0240 copy

Mikes Em2

DSC_0239 copy

DSC_0237 copy

DSC_0236 copy

DSC_0233 copy

DSC_0231 copy





My friends and I brought our cars out too


DSC_0229 copy

DSC_0249 copy

DSC_0250 copy

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