The Localhero JPN in San Diego

Toshi contacted me a few weeks before he made his trip to California from Japan. He also brought along Shinya and Yudai with him to snap shots and to enjoy the California lowriding lifestyle. They just landed down in San diego from San Francisco from a few lowrider events that was hosted in SF. Right after they landed they drove straight to Davids house in Chula vista, and thats where we met up to enjoy some good food, music, cars, and brew, the recipe for a good time.

This was my first time at Davids house since I couldn’t make it to the other events he had hosted. He gave me a tour of his house, collections, and showed me some of his cars. A few of his friends cruised by to hangout and to enjoy the beautiful day in sunny San Diego.

DSC_0125 copy

DSC_0104 copy

DSC_0108 copy

DSC_0107 copy

DSC_0133 copy

The wagon hanging out with some old school domestic cars. Whole different scene and lifestyle but we have three things in common, love and passion for the automotive lifestyle, and low cars.

DSC_0146 copy

Toshi wanted a photo with me and the wagon.


DSC_0113 copy

DSC_0130 copy

DSC_0122 copy

DSC_0144 copy

Davids daily driver. Keeping it old school as always.

DSC_0127 copy

DSC_0128 copy

The legend, El Abuelo.

DSC_0123 copy

David gave me a tour of his place which was pretty awesome full of his collections over many years of his lowriding lifestye. Photos, mooneyes collectables, posters, and so on.

DSC_0116 copy

Family photos and his cars.

DSC_0118 copy

DSC_0115 copy

His house was full of old school collectables, this room is where he lounges.

DSC_0119 copy

If he doesnt take out El abuelo this is the other car you would see him cruise in.

DSC_0135 copy

He then introduced me to his other project car that I havent yet seen at shows or events.

DSC_0136 copy

DSC_0139 copy

DSC_0142 copy


DSC_0157 copy

A photo with the local hero guys! From left to right, Shinya, Toshi, David, Me, Nitty, and Yudai! It was great to hangout with these guys again since I would see them about once a year. Until next time!

DSC_0151 copy

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