Japanese Classic Car show

Like everytime I post up about an event that is held at the Queen Mary, it was a beautiful day out in Long beach! I cruised up to Long beach in the wagon. I wished my car was old enough to show in JCCS. Would be pretty cool to have my car on display with all these older 60’s,70’s,80’s toyotas because most of my ideas for the wagon was inspired from those classic japanese builds you would see on the internet. Well I got there around noon and cruised around the parking lot checking out some cars.

I parked by a few sick Datsuns. The wagon im a big fan of ever since I saw it on yuta akaishi’s blog a few years ago, then spotted it in a Super Street magazine feature which I had to buy because of the awsome feature shot by one of my favorite photographers, Linhbergh Nguyen.

DSC_0502 copy

DSC_0504 copy

DSC_0506 copy

DSC_0508 copy

DSC_0509 copy

DSC_0510 copy

I parked right behind this clean 86

DSC_0512 copy

I have a thing for 510’s, would love to build one, one day

DSC_0515 copy

Especially 4 door’s

DSC_0517 copy

Spotted this Kenmeri in the lot.

DSC_0518 copy

DSC_0519 copy

1st gen rx7

DSC_0520 copy

Sparkle Garage had a full row and with a few other familiar cars.

DSC_0523 copy

DSC_0522 copy

DSC_0524 copy

DSC_0525 copy

DSC_0528 copy

DSC_0530 copy

DSC_0531 copy

DSC_0532 copy

DSC_0533 copy

DSC_0535 copy

DSC_0537 copy

DSC_0539 copy

DSC_0542 copy

DSC_0544 copy

DSC_0546 copy

DSC_0547 copy

DSC_0548 copy

DSC_0549 copy

DSC_0551 copy

DSC_0552 copy

DSC_0553 copy

DSC_0554 copy

DSC_0555 copy

DSC_0557 copy

DSC_0671 copy

DSC_0560 copy

DSC_0563 copy

DSC_0564 copy

DSC_0560 copy

DSC_0567 copy

DSC_0569 copy

DSC_0570 copy

DSC_0572 copy

DSC_0575 copy

DSC_0577 copy


DSC_0579 copy

DSC_0580 copy

DSC_0582 copy

DSC_0584 copy

DSC_0585 copy

DSC_0588 copy

DSC_0590 copy

DSC_0591 copy

DSC_0594 copy

DSC_0596 copy

DSC_0597 copy

DSC_0599 copy

DSC_0601 copy

DSC_0603 copy

DSC_0604 copy

DSC_0607 copy

DSC_0608 copy

DSC_0609 copy

Awesome Spoon EF!

DSC_0611 copy

DSC_0613 copy

DSC_0617 copy

DSC_0618 copy

DSC_0623 copy

DSC_0624 copy

DSC_0625 copy

DSC_0627 copy

DSC_0629 copy


The famous rusted wagovan thats Mooneyes themed came straight from Arizona.

DSC_0633 copy



DSC_0639 copy

DSC_0634 copy

DSC_0643 copy

DSC_0645 copy

DSC_0646 copy

DSC_0649 copy

DSC_0651 copy

DSC_0654 copy

DSC_0655 copy

DSC_0657 copy

DSC_0658 copy

DSC_0659 copy

DSC_0660 copy

DSC_0661 copy

DSC_0664 copy

DSC_0667 copy

DSC_0669 copy

DSC_0670 copy


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