Empire Vip

The sunday after the vape shop grand opening, I cruised down to Jon’s house who hosted a nice party and all the Empire Vip guys attended. The president from Hawaii was there also which was a pleasure to meet him. We all setup a shoot, did some rolling shots, and setup for a group shot. Pretty awesome that there’s an Empire Vip Chapter down here in Socal, probably most of you guys have seen their builds out in Hawaii and they’re clean! It was a great time grubbing, chilling, and chatting all night. The shots came out nice, shooting towards the sun for rolling shots with some lens flare is something I dont usually do but I gave it a shot.

DSC_0700 copy

Lights on.

DSC_0708 copy

DSC_0723 copy

DSC_0725 copy

DSC_0728 copy

DSC_0266 copy

Lee’s Q45. Crazy fitment on this Q! And im always questioning him how does he do it and how does it drive?!

DSC_0788 copy

DSC_0793 copy

DSC_0787 copy

Rex’s LS400.

DSC_0840 copy

DSC_0850 copy

DSC_0846 copy

DSC_0852 copy

Rolling shots!


DSC_0496 copy

DSC_0506 copy










DSC_0608 copy

DSC_0611 copy

DSC_0618 copy

DSC_0639 copy

DSC_0671 copy

DSC_0656 copy

DSC_0661 copy

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