Sparkle Garage Irik

After JCCS I was still in the area and cruised from Long beach to West Covina for Irik’s going away bbq. It was great to spend some time with the Sparkle Garage family once again, nothing beats bbq, cold beer, cars, and hanging out with friends. I was exhausted from the drive and the show and ended up crashing out inside Irik’s crown.

Caesar’s cressida sitting clean outside.

DSC_0675 copy

DSC_0690 copy

DSC_0684 copy

DSC_0680 copy

DSC_0681 copy

DSC_0712 copy

DSC_0686 copy

DSC_0691 copy

DSC_0694 copy

DSC_0700 copy

DSC_0698 copy

DSC_0707 copy

DSC_0705 copy

DSC_0703 copy

DSC_0708 copy

DSC_0714 copy

DSC_0717 copy

DSC_0718 copy

DSC_0719 copy

DSC_0720 copy

DSC_0743-2 copy


DSC_0747 copy

DSC_0751 copy

DSC_0760 copy

DSC_0763 copy

DSC_0765 copy

DSC_0767 copy

DSC_0768 copy

DSC_0770 copy

DSC_0774 copy

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