Sparkle Garage 2 of 2

After spending all day hanging out with sparkle garage and drifting with them made me want to pick up a cressida, especially an x7 wagon. Hopefully one day I can get a chance to get one to build, right now I already have two cars I’m working on and it’s a money pitt.

DSC_0104 copy

I enjoy watching Mark and Kevin drift together because it’s pretty cool seeing two silver x7’s drift side by side.

DSC_0433 copy


DSC_0417 copy

DSC_0409 copy

DSC_0393 copy

DSC_0378 copy

DSC_0359 copy

DSC_0345 copy

DSC_0319 copy

DSC_0305 copy

DSC_0301 copy

DSC_0296 copy

DSC_0295 copy

DSC_0276 copy

DSC_0245 copy

DSC_0220 copy

DSC_0217 copy

DSC_0183 copy

DSC_0181 copy

DSC_0165 copy

DSC_0156 copy copy

DSC_0154 copy

DSC_0153 copy

DSC_0136 copy

DSC_0129 copy

DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0124 copy

Charle’s Cressida.

DSC_0403 copy

DSC_0386 copy

DSC_0273 copy

DSC_0173 copy

DSC_0163 copy

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