Friday night Install night.

Friday night, a great night to spend with your friends especially after a long day at work. What beats kicking off the weekend with your friends and working on cars? I got a call from Darryl ( 4 door G35) and we ended up meeting with a few other friends to help him install his new exhaust.

_3AB0419 copy

The exhaust he picked up is a Tanabe Medalion Touring. The beauty of a brand new exhaust out of the box!


_3AB0409 copy

Side by side with the stock Axle back.

_3AB0420 copy

As tall as Tommy!


_3AB0414 copy

Car up on stands and ready for the exhaust install.


_3AB0410 copy

Thankfully all the guys the came over brought all of their cars.






_3AB0407 copy



Installed! Pulling out the driveway was a little hard, but Darryl got his car out of the driveway and gave us a sample of what the exhaust sounds like going down the street. It sounds great! We need a rev video…

_3AB0437 copy

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