Then and Now.

I found a roll of film that wasn’t processed yet and decided to get that done and saw photos of my car that I took along with Tommy’s four door. We recently went to the same park to snap some photos and looking back at the photos that were in the film roll, I’ve noticed how much our cars have changed over the year. There’s still alot of things I want to get done on the car, but my main focus is changing up the car for Toyotafest 2014.

DSC_0333 copy

Here are some Before photos in film and a year later.

-0020 copy

DSC_0329 copy

At the time I was using my Touring wagon front bumper.

-0024 copy

Switched it back and added a few things to the front end as in the JDM grill, TRD Badge, TRD banner, bumper fasteners, and JDM Chrome mirror covers.


Side profile before.

-0016 copy

I lowered the car more in the rears and added more camber to tuck the Demon Cambers out back and got some Sideskirts color matched.


The rear end was all factory with US bumpers and tail lights.

-0005 copy

-0001 copy

Changed it up with a JDM rear bumper, Clear JDM tail lights, JDM touring wagon wing, and a new whole roll call.


DSC_0308 copy

Tommy’s Civic before on Kosei K1’s and it was mix matched.

-0023 copy

-0015 copy

Now that car is all black with SSR MK1’s, EDM Grill, Lower, Clear Tail lights, and a whole bunch of other parts.

DSC_0313 copy

DSC_0310 copy

DSC_0324 copy

The rear end before.

-0003 copy

-0002 copy

-0017 copy

After, with clear tail lights, new roll call, train handle, trunk spoiler, and EUDM Fog.

DSC_0321 copy

DSC_0317 copy

DSC_0320 copy

Looking back at the other shots I took, my interior has changed alot too along with the stickers I have all around the car. Here are some additional photos from before..

I do have some plans for this bumper and hopefully I get a chance to use it for an event.

-0012 copy

-0013 copy

-0006 copy

Before I added more camber and lowered the rear end to tuck the wheels.

-0007 copy

No steering Column cover, teal bubble Knob, and USDM seats. My interior did change some over the year, might have to get some updated shots.

-0008 copy

Changed up the rear window roll call, still supporting these guys!

-0014 copy

-0022 copy

Tommy got matching parts all around to match up black all around but he is also planning on taking it into paint in a few months.

-0011 copy

Kosei K1’s and rear valence


-0018 copy

Representing DUDEBLVD and Bojangles.


-0019 copy


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