Hanuit !

Attended Nitt’s photo gallery down at Dope Sauce in Downtown. I’m proud of this guy cause he’s always talked about wanting to do a photo show to show his film work from over the years. Well he did it, and it was a great outcome and alot of people came out to support.

I hate parking in downtown because it’s always a hunt to find parking, I brought out my wagon that night because the lexus is a big car to find a spot, compared to the wagon which is smaller.

DSC_0364 copy


Spotted Prince who also owns a UCF10 LS400.

DSC_0356 copy

DSC_0357 copy

This was also my first time at Dope Sauce, been seeing pictures of it but never got a chance to drop by.

DSC_0351 copy

DSC_0354 copy

Took a walk around to check out the photo prints on the wall.

DSC_0359 copy

DSC_0348 copy

DSC_0347 copy

DSC_0344 copy

DSC_0342 copy

DSC_0341 copy

DSC_0340 copy

DSC_0335 copy

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