Streetkiz San Diego Chapter.

Spent a night with some friends hanging out after dinner which leaded to a rainy night photoshoot. We met up at a local pho shop called Pho Fusion which serves some pretty good pho on top of that boba too!

Three Corolla’s together.

DSC_0365 copy

Tommy rolled up.

DSC_0352 copy

DSC_0358 copy

DSC_0360 copy

Headed in for dinner at Pho Fusion while we wait for others.

DSC_0372 copy

DSC_0375 copy

Few guys came through. Richard brought out his 610.

DSC_0390 copy

DSC_0393 copy

DSC_0397 copy

Ricky came out with his 86.

DSC_0398 copy

An old friend that has seen my wagon build since day one, Eddy came out with his latest project.

DSC_0406 copy

There’s more guys but they couldn’t make it out, hopefully we can all get together and do a group shot sometime.

DSC_0400 copy

We cruised over the spot where we setup for the shoot. There wasnt no hassle at all and we got to shoot until the lights went out.

Eddy’s Miata that he’s been working on.

DSC_0690 copy

DSC_0702 copy

DSC_0697 copy

Ricky’s 86.

DSC_0703 copy

DSC_0709 copy

DSC_0711 copy

DSC_0718 copy

DSC_0722 copy

Tommy’s 4 door civic.

DSC_0731 copy

DSC_0724 copy

DSC_0728 copy

DSC_0725 copy

Richards 610. It’s sad to say but these were the last photos of this car, and I’m glad Richard has let me take sometime to snap some shots. This car was later stolen and never recovered, we all do miss this car but horrible things sometimes happen. I love this car and has been a fan since day one, all the great memories with this car was awesome but what else can we do but move on. It was fun while it lasted…

DSC_0741 copy

DSC_0744 copy

I love this shot.

DSC_0745 copy

DSC_0746 copy

DSC_0748 copy

DSC_0749 copy

DSC_0751 copy

DSC_0753 copy

I shot the Corolla’s together for ae101 Owners club since alot of people love seeing our cars together.

DSC_0757 copy

DSC_0775 copy

Jason’s wagon

DSC_0758 copy

DSC_0760 copy

DSC_0771 copy

Ian’s sedan

DSC_0762 copy

DSC_0763 copy

DSC_0770 copy

DSC_0766 copy

DSC_0769 copy

DSC_0777 copy

Then the lights went out…. Packed my bag and cruised on out. This was my last shoot for 2013, I’m trying to catch up on my blogging and I sure do want to post more this year.

DSC_0789 copy


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