I’ve always had a soft spot for Datsun 620 trucks. There are plenty of cars I want and would love to build but I can’t have all of them… I like how this truck is looking and I wouldn’t mind cruising it. I drove up to pick up some speakers from Landon and decided to go around the corner 711 to grab some shots before I head back down to San Diego. I didn’t know the area well and it was already dark out but the lighting at 711 was nice and ended up with these shots…

DSC_0133 copy


Landon sold his civic and moved onto a platform thats completely different a 1973 Datsun 620. This car was put together pretty quick which seemed like he had it all planned out. He got the car from the Original owner with 46,000 Miles on it.

DSC_0143 copy

DSC_0151 copy

Landon picked up the truck cause it was tiring getting pulled over continuously in the Honda Civic and wanted a car that would be fun to drive and not get as much attention.

DSC_0131 copy

DSC_0145 copy

Grip Royal wood steering wheel in replace with the original wheel.


DSC_0124 copy

DSC_0107 copy

It was a pleasure to get a chance to snap some photos of this car and I can’t wait to see what else Landon has in stored for this build.

DSC_0157 copy

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