Iced teal pearl .

A few days after the MLK lunch and cruise day, Raff and I met up for a photoshoot. I drove out to El Cajon City which is east of San Diego. Met up around sunset, cleaned the cars, and we cruised out to shoot! This was my first time ever snapping photos of his car. With a brand new set of Work meisters installed on his car he was ready for some shots!

I brought Tommy with me and we met Raff’s friend James with a black EJ sitting on a clean set of SSr sp1’s. Hanging out and getting ready to shoot.

DSC_0860 copy

DSC_0863 copy

DSC_0950 copy

I decided to bring out my wagon and snapped some shots with their cars.

DSC_0946 copy


DSC_0862 copy

SSR SP1’s & Work Meister’s

DSC_0945 copy

Snapped a few shots of James civic.

DSC_0866 copy

DSC_0870 copy

DSC_0937 copy

DSC_0940 copy

I’ve always been a fan of Raff’s civic. 4 Door sedan with a color you rarely see on a civic, also how low it sits..

DSC_0920 copy

DSC_0889 copy

DSC_0895 copy

DSC_0902 copy

DSC_0896 copy

DSC_0905 copy

16×9 +7 all around


DSC_0930 copy

In the cockpit he chose a Leonard Steering wheel with a Circuit Hero shift knob and shift extender for his daily hand work.

DSC_0908 copy

DSC_0916 copy

DSC_0883 copy

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