In-N-Out Pre Wuste meet.

Part two of my las vegas trip. After everyone washed their cars we headed out and cruised to the Pre-Wuste meet held at an In-N-Out burger joint. On the way there I had to chance to snap some night rolling shots.

DSC_0249 copy

Spotted this AE86 on the freeway

DSC_0269 copy

DSC_0279 copy

DSC_0245 copy

DSC_0272 copy


David hard parked at the meet

DSC_0284 copy

Paolo’s W202

DSC_0282 copy

DSC_0289 copy

DSC_0317 copy

Pat’s Starlet

DSC_0291 copy

Beautiful VW bus

DSC_0301 copy

DSC_0312 copy

Paulo’s GS

DSC_0307 copy

DSC_0299 copy

DSC_0314 copy

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