Vtec Club Round 1: Part 2

I took a lot of photos that day so I decided to split the posts in two separate posts. While the racers were at the racers meeting I went up to the top of the track to take some photos. But before I get to those photos, I want to share some cars that caught my attention the most that day.

TM1_8636 copy

TM1_8644 copy

TM1_8651 copy

TM1_8650 copy

TM1_8638 copy

TM1_8641 copy

TM1_8645 copy

TM1_8654 copy

TM1_8657 copy

TM1_8655 copy

TM1_8703 copy

TM1_8704 copy

TM1_8751 copy

TM1_8760 copy

TM1_8765 copy

TM1_8768 copy

TM1_8781 copy

TM1_8830 copy

TM1_8833 copy

TM1_8783 copy

TM1_8792 copy

TM1_8795 copy

TM1_8798 copy

TM1_8813 copy

TM1_8826 copy

TM1_8835 copy

TM1_8837 copy

TM1_8839 copy

TM1_8843 copy

TM1_8846 copy

TM1_8851 copy

TM1_8853 copy

TM1_8857 copy

TM1_8869 copy

TM1_8906 copy

TM1_8876 copy

TM1_8914 copy

TM1_8925 copy

TM1_8928 copy

TM1_8934 copy

TM1_8939 copy

TM1_8940 copy

TM1_8948 copy

TM1_8951 copy

TM1_8962 copy

TM1_8968 copy

TM1_8970 copy

TM1_8976 copy

TM1_9014 copy

TM1_9022 copy

TM1_9034 copy

TM1_9037 copy

TM1_9046 copy]

TM1_9051 copy

TM1_9058 copy

TM1_9059 copy

TM1_9073 copy

TM1_9075 copy

TM1_9100 copy

TM1_9127 copy

TM1_9144 copy

TM1_9168 copy

After Edwins run he came up to the top to pick me up and we watched a few runs and headed back down to the pit.

TM1_9197 copy

TM1_9295 copy

In case you missed it but check out what happened the night before Round 1 and the Morning of:


Also my Part 1 of Vtec Clubs Round 1:


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