I’ve always been a fan of Cody’s Civic. I really enjoy the build and all the details on the car. First time I got to see it was during the Royal Origin meet that was hosted in Irvine one night. I was cruising down the street in my wagon in the Diamond Jamboree area and his car pulled turned onto my street at the light and I was mind blown on how awesome it looks. First time we officially met was at the Spirit of Japan Drift day hosted by Auto Factory Realize & DMAX at Grange which was a great day.

I attended the Vtecclub Round 1 and spotted him cruise by and decided to drop by and say whats up and take some shots of his car. Since I’m rarely in the LA/OC area and I don’t get to see this car much, I want to do a feature of his hatch right here on my site. Still till this day it amazes me how the car scene works and how many great people you can meet through cars, styling, similar interest, and so on. This is why I do what I love because its always a great and positive outcome. Here are some shots of him on the track.


TM1_8677 copy

TM1_8682 copy

TM1_8694 copy

TM1_8723 copy

TM1_8730 copy

TM1_8711 copy

Had some time to drop by to check out his car before we headed out.

TM1_9301 copy

TM1_9287 copy

TM1_9290 copy

TM1_9306 copy

TM1_9307 copy

TM1_9309 copy

TM1_9310 copy

TM1_9295 copy

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