Weekend at the Flower Field

After the HRE x Targa Trophy event we cruised out to Oceanside and stumbled across this location and it was exactly a location that I’ve been looking for. Its hard to find a location like this down in my part of town in San diego. I love cruising the city looking for new spots to shoot at and this was a great find. The sun was still up so it was a perfect time to shoot and there was enough time to hit Pacific coast highway during sunset and cruise. I’m going to come back to this spot again with my Starlet once the car is ready. I had more shots from the beach but my card decided to corrupt which means I lost all my images… Lesson learned, I need to bring more memory cards with me from now on……

Starting off the post with David’s freshly bagged and flared S210 Wagon, he seriously has the Midas touch when he works on his cars. His latest build is this Mercedes E-Class wagon.

TM1_0411 copy<

TM1_0431 copy




TM1_0462 copy

TM1_0434 copy


Dom just got his car wrapped by Casey of @Mac_wraps on Instagram, the color is Gloss Turquoise Lavender. It looks so good on the car and the color shift is so cool!








Jas cruised out and met up with us with his W202. This car is so clean!

TM1_0486 copy

TM1_0480 copy

TM1_0477 copy

TM1_0475-2 copy

TM1_0472 copy

TM1_0466 copy

TM1_0452 copy




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