Autofashion VIPFEST is always a great time. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out or haven’t been to VIPFEST before, make sure you make it out to the next one because it’s really worth it. There was so many people I haven’t seen in a long time and it was great catching up knowing that they’re doing well, also seeing the progress of their cars. Thats another reason why I enjoy VIPFEST is because the people that come out to show their cars and support are always good people. I’m pretty stoked for the next one, also Thank you to Autofashion for another awesome event! Here are some photos I took from the event, I didn’t take too many because I was hanging out and catching up with old friends. Also it was great seeing old faces and meeting new people!

TM1_6221 copy

Starting off the post with Ojay beautiful KBREAK LS430.

TM1_6223 copy

TM1_6213 copy

Kyoeiusa brought their Toyota Century Limo. This car is wild!

TM1_6220 copy

TM1_6317 copy

My bro Lil Jon came out with his new setup on his LS430.

TM1_6313 copy

A build that I’ve been waiting for, Autofashion’s EG. Beautiful build and so much detail.

TM1_6311 copy

TM1_6308 copy

Mode Parfume 370Z. Looks so good.

TM1_6304 copy

Autofashion C-HR. Badass ride!

TM1_6299 copy

Southsiiiiide Auto Custom brought out their Wagonvan. I love this car!

TM1_6293 copy

I really wanted to see this car in person after seeing it on social media. I’m glad Central Pine/ T Demand brought it out to VIPFEST. I want it so bad, it’s perfect.

TM1_6295 copy

TM1_6233 copy

Mikey OG 300C.

TM1_6287 copy

TM1_6282 copy

Central Pine Sam Q45

TM1_6276 copy

AJ LS is always one of my favorite builds. I remember when he first picked it up and it has came a long way…

TM1_6280 copy

TM1_6275 copy

Central Pine Alex Q45

TM1_6271 copy

TM1_6269 copy

Jimmy’s accord has came along way, dude is crazy to drive it this low.

TM1_6259 copy

RHD Beetle

TM1_6262 copy

TM1_6258 copy

Kody W140

TM1_6253 copy

Lee brought out his Q!

TM1_6251 copy

Joe’s Q45.

TM1_6249 copy

Kenny brought out his truck.

TM1_6247 copy

Glen from Squad One brought out his Impala!

TM1_6243 copy


Vinz Corolla!

TM1_6238-2 copy

TM1_6229 copy

Another ride that I really wanted to see in person, I’m stoked they brought it down to VIPFEST.

TM1_6226 copy

Autofashions Mode Parfume S2000

TM1_6228 copy

TM1_6210 copy

TM1_6209 copy

TM1_6206 copy

TM1_6202 copy

TM1_6187 copy

John’s K BREAK M45. This build has came a long way, it came out so perfect.

TM1_6193 copy

TM1_6195 copy

TM1_6186 copy

Tony’s LS400! I’m sure if you guys follow me then you’ve seen me post up photos of his ride from a shoot I did awhile back. Super clean LS400.

TM1_6183 copy//

TM1_6173 copy

Jerod Vip inspired Miata. Man this car is clean! Interior is wild and the air setup in the trunk is neat.

TM1_6177 copy

TM1_6179 copy

TM1_6156 copy


TM1_6164 copy

TM1_6161 copy

TM1_6159 copy

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