I woke up at 6am, grabbed my camera bag and batteries off the charger, hopped in my wagon and went on a really nice morning cruise to San Marcos. There I met up with Landon at his house and we took his truck up to Grange Apple Valley for SUPER D. We got to the […]


First day in Japan

Japan has always been on my list of places to go to and my dream has finally came true. This trip is one of the best experiences I’ve ever experienced and its a culture shock. It has changed my views and perspective on life. Mostly everyday when I was still staying in Sagamihara I would […]

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Toyotafest 2016 Continued

Second and final part to my Toyotafest coverage. We went back to into the show to check out more cars before we head out. This show always has really beautiful cars and amazing builds. Also I stopped by a few vendor booths to pick up stuff at Mooneyes, Toy Pimp, and a few other booths […]

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Toyotafest 2016

Toyotafest is one of my favorite events to attend yearly. I havent showed my car for the past two years but it was always my goal to show at Toyotafest. My first year attending and showing at Toyotafest was 2012 and it was a great experience and I’ve met some great people throughout the years. […]

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Chicano Park day 2016

Took the weekend off for back to back events, Chicano park day was marked off on my calendar on Saturday for the longest time. Its always a good time out there full of beautiful cars, beautiful art work, good food, and good music. The later you go the harder it is to find parking, but […]

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Weekend at the Flower Field

After the HRE x Targa Trophy event we cruised out to Oceanside and stumbled across this location and it was exactly a location that I’ve been looking for. Its hard to find a location like this down in my part of town in San diego. I love cruising the city looking for new spots to […]

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Day at the Bay 4

This was my first time attending Day at the Bay and I enjoyed everything about the event. I just really enjoy the sun, lowriders, and anything that has to do by the waters. This was a combination of all three so it was perfect.I called up Darryl and invited him to cruise along to downtown […]

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David’s S210 Wagon

I’ve been itching to shoot David’s Wagon this year, but I told him we’ll shoot when he’s ready. So we had some time during the week to meet up and get together to cruise around San Diego and Shoot. I first met david a few years back from my friend Dominic who I would always […]

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I’ve always been a fan of Cody’s Civic. I really enjoy the build and all the details on the car. First time I got to see it was during the Royal Origin meet that was hosted in Irvine one night. I was cruising down the street in my wagon in the Diamond Jamboree area and […]

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Vtec Club Round 1: Part 2

I took a lot of photos that day so I decided to split the posts in two separate posts. While the racers were at the racers meeting I went up to the top of the track to take some photos. But before I get to those photos, I want to share some cars that caught […]

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Vtec Club Round 1: Part 1

We made it out safe to the track the next morning after staying a night a few miles away. When we got there around 8:00am there were alot of cars already there prepping for a whole day of racing. We unloaded the cars and browsed around checking out some cars that were going racing. Going […]

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