Hanuit !

Attended Nitt’s photo gallery down at Dope Sauce in Downtown. I’m proud of this guy cause he’s always talked about wanting to do a photo show to show his film work from over the years. Well he did it, and it was a great outcome and alot of people came out to support. I hate […]

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Then and Now.

I found a roll of film that wasn’t processed yet and decided to get that done and saw photos of my car that I took along with Tommy’s four door. We recently went to the same park to snap some photos and looking back at the photos that were in the film roll, I’ve noticed […]

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5&ADIME presents: Motorunion 4

Motorunion, an automotive car show down here in San diego that is brought to you by 5&ADIME, which also display’s BMX bikes, modified Honda Rukus scooters, good food from Local shops in San Diego, clothing brands, vendors, and the best part is that it’s held at The Green Flash Brewery, beer and cars can it […]

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Pannauto Summer meet

Pannauto usually throw a summer meet at their shop every year. This year they had a few vendors come out such as Cusco, Whistler wheels, and Rays. Cruised by with a few friends to check out the event and sale they had. Derek’s S2000 parked out front.

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Squad 1 LS430

It was Wekfest weekend, I got to see the car at the Queen Mary in long beach the day before the shoot. Yosi(JPRINT) called me and asked me for a location to shoot the car and asked if I wanted to shoot it also? I had work but after was perfect because of sundown. So […]

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Mooneyes Open house 2013

Took the day off from work so I can cruise up to Mooneyes for another yearly open house! I love the vibe at these events, especially when it’s completely different from import shows. As always I saw alot of beautiful rides, from hot rods, patina’s, bombers, and so on. Well I got there a little […]

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Sparkle Garage Drift day!

What did I do for Memorial day? Well I went drifting with Sparkle Garage! The track was in the middle of the desert. The guys stayed over night at the track and started drifting early in the morning until 5pm. We had the whole track to ourselves to drift on, and I was able to […]

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EIbach 2013 pt.2

Continuing my Eibach coverage, there were plenty of clean cars all at one place. I didn’t get a chance to see the cars that didnt show since it was on the other side of where the event was hosted. Here’s the last part of my two part coverage, onto the pics! Frankie’s Integra from Project […]

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Eibach 2013 pt.1

Eibach, one of the largest Honda gatherings here in the West coast that goes on once every year. I’ve been attending this event ever since 2008 when it was still back at the Eibach Factory in Corona, CA. Back then around that time I didn’t own a car but was really into Honda’s. There were […]

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